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More Pics
Magnolia 10/5


Rockport 10/25/03
Magnolia 10/5
Cape Trips 9/20
9/9 skipjack Newport
Weekapaug bonito 8/29
Surfing pics 9/12
Falmouth Spanish Mackerel
Rockport 10/18/03

Magnolia and Rockport Surf pics from 10/5.  The Skipjack were from Newport.  In Rockport on my katyak I had a Striper straighten out a hook on me.  I got to where I could grab the fish when the hook slipped and bent.  That fish was easily 40 inches.  Probably 20lbs or so.  Sam and Ray saw it, I have witnesses.  Would have been the largest fish yet on the fly rod.

Ray and Sam in Magnolia Sunrise

Newport Skipjack


Ray and Sam with a fish


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