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Cape Trips 9/20


Rockport 10/25/03
Magnolia 10/5
Cape Trips 9/20
9/9 skipjack Newport
Weekapaug bonito 8/29
Surfing pics 9/12
Falmouth Spanish Mackerel
Rockport 10/18/03

Last weekend, looking for Blue Fin Tuna in Cape Cod bay for 2 days.  Both Days out of Truro, first day was 18.1 miles second day was 21 miles.  Thats a GPS Map of outr two days. Got close enough to 50-100lb class fish to see the white bands and dark blue backs on these fish 9 miles out.  All we managed to catch though were big bluefish.  The rest are some assorted tuna pictures sent to me from friends.  This weekend we went out of Race Pt (17 Mile round trip) in Provincetown and went 8 miles north to The South West Corner of Stellwagon Bank.  Saw a few larger Tuna jump out of the water but couldn't get close enough to get a shot at them, they went down before we could get there.  Didn't see any whales either which was odd.  Going back next weekend unles the bite dies and the False Albacore move in.....

GPS map of trip

Me with 12lb Bluefish, CC bay

Sam with a 12 lb Blue CC bay

Skipjack Newport

Bluefish Blitz Newport

False Albacore

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