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Weekapaug bonito 8/29


Rockport 10/25/03
Magnolia 10/5
Cape Trips 9/20
9/9 skipjack Newport
Weekapaug bonito 8/29
Surfing pics 9/12
Falmouth Spanish Mackerel
Rockport 10/18/03

Fished Weekapaug Breachway in RI (where we used to go on vacation) 8/29/03.  Foggy rough morning with 5-8 ft seas but we were out anyway.  We weren't going to go out but when we got there we saw one jump and that was that.  Turned out to be a killer day on the water.  We were surrounded at times and couldn't hook up.  I had a couple takes on the fly rod but nothing landed.  Finally got one around 6am on the spin rod.  I can't believe how fast they are.  No long powerfull runs like the albacore last year, but zigg zag patterns.  One second they are to the right, and the next to the left, then behind you, then to the left again.  The line slices through the water they are so fast.  We had them so close at times you could count the lines on their backs.  Most people barely get a glimpse of them and if they do see them its only for a second or two.  We had them next to the boats all morning for hours all to ourselves.  Unheard of.  They are not the Blue fin we are after, actually a member of the mackerel family and they look a little like the Spanish makerel we got last week.  But people call them tunas, they look like tuna, and they tase just like yellowfin tuna.  Great to eat and good sushi.  This one was 7.2 lbs, and from what I hear, borderline trophy.  Some guys at the jetty couldn't believe I caught one that big.  Usually they are around 5 lbs or so.  7 and 8 lbers usually win tournaments. 

Weekapaug Breachway


Atlantic Bonito

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