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Falmouth Spanish Mackerel


Rockport 10/25/03
Magnolia 10/5
Cape Trips 9/20
9/9 skipjack Newport
Weekapaug bonito 8/29
Surfing pics 9/12
Falmouth Spanish Mackerel
Rockport 10/18/03

Went to a Dentist Apoijntment today in Falmouth again.  Spanish Macks all over.  Brought 6 home, lost count of how many I hooked.  Saw one jump no more than 10 feet from my boat that was so high I had to look up at it.  I guess 6-8 feet high out of the water.  These fish fly, jumping like crazy just feeding.  I could see the yellow spots really clear they were so close.  Only on the water for 3 hours 5-8am and back to work.  They are impressive fish to watch!

I was too early, they come a few feet out of the water. Feeding spanish




Fish under the birds tough to see

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